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Protect natural stone

Impregnating natural stone prevents the absorption of dirt, moisture and grease. Applying impregnation is very important for porous natural stone. But just as important is processing it correctly. If this is not done properly, or if the wrong products are used, this can have unpleasant consequences. A suitable impregnation that has been properly applied will benefit you for years to come.

Impregnation of natural stone floors, but also special impregnation for countertops that are certified for use on surfaces where foodstuffs are prepared.

Impregneren natuursteen Faber producten

an impregnation,
what does it do?

The protection for natural stone is created because an impregnation adheres in the pore of the stone. As a result, dirt and moisture cannot or hardly penetrate the stone. No layer forms on the stone, so the appearance of the stone remains unchanged. However, there is the option of impregnating the stone colorless or with a color- enhancing effect. A good impregnation provides protection against the penetration of dirt and moisture for 5 to 10 years. The stone is much easier to clean because the contamination remains superficial.

a coating,
what does it do?

A coating is a surface protection. The material provides a 'filter' between the floor and the pollution. A coating often increases the (silk) gloss and gives the stone a fuller appearance. This treatment is extremely suitable for rough and less porous rock. You can think of slate, quartzite of harappa.

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