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Restoration of natural stone

Traces of use, shine restoration, damage repair or the re-establishment of loose/hollow-sounding tiles. Not only for floors, but also for smaller surfaces such as kitchen worktops and window sills.

Gloss restoration for every type of natural stone, even for granite (very hard type of stone) We carry out the gloss restoration of granite using a unique method from Faber Tile & Stone Care: sustainable, cost-effective and much less nuisance than with heavy grinding machines. Feel free to inquire, we are happy to tell you about our work and the possibilities.

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To sand

The most intensive recovery for natural stone.

Sanding removes even deeper scratches and restores height difference.

An intensive machine treatment that is expertly carried out. We work with a professional grinding machine and diamond discs.


Polishing is chosen when the floor shows more superficial signs of use, such as superficial scratches and faded (wear) spots. 

The gloss level can be controlled with polishing. From a satin gloss to a high gloss. 

A mechanical treatment that gives a slightly damaged floor a beautiful appearance again.


Edwin and Miqèl are specialists in damage repair.

Think of acid damage, cracks in the stone, missing joint, breakage, loose stones or filling holes.

And if repair is no longer possible, we can also supply new and replace the old stone. 

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