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Natural stone


Restoring natural stone is the real deal. Each stone type has unique properties. Having beautiful and keeping it beautiful requires some attention, knowing what the stone requires and what the stone can and cannot withstand.

A selection of our activities:

- intensive cleaning of natural stone with special cleaners

- impregnate natural stone with high-quality impregnation

- polishing natural stone floors and natural stone (countertops) tops

- grinding of natural stone floors

- repair damage to natural stone

After the work has been completed, we will give you advice so you can enjoy this beautiful product for a very long time.

Natuursteen aanrechtblad herstellen. Natuursteen wastafel herstellen

RenoStone has been providing the repair and treatment of natural stone floors, natural stone counter tops, natural stone sinks, works of art, walls, window sills and table tops for many years.


Cleaning natural stone

Intensive and specialist cleaning of natural stone

To protect

Impregneren natuursteen

Impregnation of natural stone to make the stone moisture and dirt resistant. 

To recover

Restore natural stone

Damage repair natural stone: from traces of use to loose tiles.

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