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Voegkleur herstellen, voegwerk tegels kleuren

Repair jointing


Clean existing joints, restore the joint color and give it a better protection against mould. The special (very durable) joint coating has several properties. From color restoration to realizing a more easy cleaning. The natural appearance of the grout is preserved, so no ugly 'painted' appearance.

Unique properties

  • Colourfast

  • Oil and dirt repellent

  • More easy to clean

  • Ecological (water-based solution)

  • Preserves the original structure

  • Suitable for natural stone and ceramic jointing

If the grout color has become too light or too dark, this can be perfectly remedied with the special grout coating.
An uneven grout color is also beautifully restored, so that the grout takes on a calm and even appearance.

With dexterity and precision, RenoStone ensures a beautiful and even result. A colorfast treatment in which even the joint structure is kept intact.

Voegkleur te donker

Joint color before

Kleur voegwerk aanpassen

Joint color after

Voegen kleur te licht

Joint color before

Voegkleur donkerder maken, voegkleur lichter maken, voegkleur herstellen

Joint color after

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