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For companies and private individuals in NL and abroad

graniet herstellen


restore natural stone outside
Edwin koene en Miqel koene
clean natural stone shower room, restore bluestone, lime natural stone
Leisteen herstellen en intensief reinigen waslagen verwijderen
Restoring marble and treating marble, polishing natural stone, grinding natural stone
Bonaire 2023.png
Clean dirty natural stone floors and have natural stone cleaned
natuursteen herstellen, krasjes natuursteen, doffe plekken natuursteen

RenoStone goes one step further in restoring natural stone. Our problem-solving ability in particular is our showpiece. 

Natural stone is beautiful, but stubborn. With natural stone, the stone itself determines what is possible or not. Knowing what is and is not possible with a type of natural stone is a profession in itself. Recognizing the stone, knowing its properties and having the right resources at your disposal is necessary to achieve a good result. 

What is possible?

Grinding, sanding and/or polishing (floors and worktops)

Repairing deep or superficial scratches, dull spots and/or acid damage to natural stone. Removing extreme limescale deposits.  

Construction cleaning and/or intensive cleaning

Removing grout residue and construction dirt, general (extreme) pollution, old wax layers, old maintenance layers, dirt and grease. 


Gloss restoration of granite and quartzite (floors and worktops)

These extremely hard types of stone are treated with a special polishing paste to restore a beautiful, even shine and to remove dull spots/light scratches. An outcome where extreme machine violence is no longer necessary.


Repair the damage

Repair minor damage, such as a corner of a windowsill or table, dents in the tile or Travertine. Replacing some tiles in the event of irreparable damage or repairing floors is usually also possible.    


The floor is intensively cleaned before impregnation. After drying, the stone is carefully impregnated, colorless or color deepening. The stone is then permanently protected against the penetration of dirt and moisture (without a visible layer). 

Want to restore natural stone to its beautiful natural appearance?Let us know your wishes.

RenoStone works with the professional products of Faber Tile & Stone Care. For small or large assignments, for private individuals and companies within the Netherlands and abroad. Please feel free to contact us for more information.  

Wit architectonisch gebouw tegels.jpg


Reparatie keramisch aanrechtblad
foto met wolkeffect gepolijst keramiek na behandeling voor en na kopie.png
Injecteren holklinkende tegels
Cementsluier keramiek, diepe dalen combi voor en na.jpg
Kalkaanslag tegels verwijderen
Bluts uit tegel gerepareerd voor en na.png
Coaten voegwerk tegeltjes voor en na.png
Mosa tegels vuile laag filmlaag
Scratches in ceramic tiles

The treatment of ceramics have had a enormous development in recent years. In addition to cleaning tiles, it has even been made possible to repair minor damage (almost) invisibly with special products and materials. Nowadays, loose or hollow-sounding tiles can be fixed with a special injection method.

Construction cleaning and/or intensive cleaning

Intensive and specialist cleaning, which may include removing construction pollution, build-up film, epoxy grout film or extreme and persistent pollution.

Damage repair

With the specific products from the professional line of Faber Tile & Stone Care, the acquired knowledge and experience can achieve a lot, such as:

- repairing a dent or crack in the tile

- gloss restoration

- remove dull spots on a polished ceramic tile

- treating cloud effect on polished ceramic tiles

- scratches on a polished ceramic tile

- sustainable repair/adjustment of the joint color

- and the removal of stubborn contamination due to use and unsuitability

  maintenance (film layer)


Loose or hollow-sounding tiles

A perfect solution for solving loose or hollow-sounding tiles on the floor or on the wall is to inject these tiles. The tiles are reattached with a 2-component injection resin without any chopping or breaking work. This is done via a very small drill hole in the grout or in the tile, which is then professionally repaired. 

An extremely sustainable method. 

So is there something going on with a ceramic tile? Take

then contact us. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.

Would you like to respond by email or app? Please send a photo of it

the damage or situation. This helps us to make the best possible estimate in advance of what we could do for you. 

RenoStone works for both private individuals and companies at home and abroad.
Please feel free to contact us to ask about the possibilities.

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