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Keramiek reinigen, tegels reinigen, keramiek herstellen, tegels herstellen, tegel schade herstellen

Treatment of ceramics


A ceramic tile, especially the unglazed ceramic tile, also needs attention: 

construction cleaning (remove joint veil) but also maintenance and periodic cleaning.

Stains on the floor that, despite your best efforts, don't want to get rid of the tile? Footsteps remain visible and even a drop of water causes a stain? Does the floor always seem 'dirty', especially in the grazing light? If mopping no longer helps, it's time for periodic cleaning, a machine cleaning that gives the floor its original appearance back.


Our Special possibilities with Faber

With the products of Faber Tile & Stone Care we go a few steps further: light scratches or dull spots in polished tiles or a cloudy effect can often be successfully remedied with Faber products that have been specially developed for this.  

Edwin Koene keramische tegels krassen herstellen

Construction cleaning & joint veils

Intensive cleaning

Cloud effect or scratches on tiles

Loose tiles

Voegsluier tegels

Good construction cleaning is extremely important and ensures a good start with your new floors and walls.

Expertise in special pollution such as epoxy joint veil, silicone, paint and pur.

Mosa tegels reinigen, kalksteen verwijderen tegels

Removing stubborn dirt, film layers, limescale and rust spots.

Expertise in special and extremely persistent pollution. 

Krassen op tegels herstellen, wolkerig effect keramiek, raster op tegels

With a cloud effect or light scratches on polished ceramic tiles, it is often thought that this cannot be remedied. Yet there are certainly possibilities that can offer a solution!

Losliggende tegels

Permanently fix loose tiles or hollow-sounding tiles with a special injection method. Without nuisance, chopping or demolition work. The floor can be used again after just 3 hours.

    Renostone is official advising and executive company for Mosa tiles.

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