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Loose or hollow-sounding tiles

Remedying loose and hollow-sounding tiles on time, prevents breaks and cracks. By injecting the tiles, we offer an extremely sustainable solution for this. Remedying the loose or hollow tiles will be done expertly, quickly and without inconvenience with a special injection resin. Without chopping, breaking or demolition work.

How does it work? 

When the hollow-sounding and/or loose tiles have been determined and any stumbling blocks (such as missing jointing) have been remedied, a small hole is drilled in the joint of the relevant tile(s). 2-component injection resin is sprayed under the tile through this hole until the space under the tile is filled. After injecting and filling the small drilled holes will be restored. The floor can be used again after just 3 hours. 

Call for help?

Would you like to have the work carried out professionally? RenoStone is the official application company for Tegelvast. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or a free quote. 

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