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Specialists in treatment and recovery
of natural stone and ceramics, for home and abroad.

Stone, stone and again stone. That is our job, that is our passion. RenoStone is a specialist company that has been dealing with the treatment and repair of natural stone and ceramics on a daily basis for about 25 years. Regular, but also highly specialized activities.

Together with the people of Faber Tile & Stone Care Italy, we work daily on new development and possibilities. Faber is a very progressive and technically inclined company when it comes to developing and producing high-quality products for natural stone and ceramics.

Renostone works in the Netherlands, but also (far) beyond.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Vanaf 5 februari 2024 zijn wij weer aanwezig op Bonaire. Maak nu alvast uw afspraak.

Row of natural stone panels in a mason's yard
16-06-22 Keramiek krassen herstellen fab

Treatment of ceramics

Having a beautiful ceramic tile and keep it beautiful. 

To restore ceramic tiles, there is often more possible than you think. In addition to regular treatment, such as intensive cleaning or construction cleaning, we use the products of Faber Tile & Stone Care a few steps further:

- remove light scratches, dull spots or a 'cloud effect' in polished ceramic tiles

- repairing bruises

- permanently fix loose/hollow sounding tiles by means of a special injection method. 

- permanent restoration of grout colour

- replacing tiles in case of irreparable damage


Restore natural stone

A beautiful product, but quite stubborn

With natural stone, the stone itself determines what is possible or not. Knowing what is and what is not possible with a type of natural stone is an art in itself. Recognizing the stone and knowing its properties, then you have already won a lot. 

What we do and can do with natural stone?

- grinding, sanding and/or polishing

- repairing damage

- construction cleaning and/or intensive cleaning with products from Faber Tile & Stone Care

- impregnate with products from Faber Tile & Stone Care

- inject loose/hollow-sounding tiles

- permanent restoration of grout colour

- replace tiles in case of irreparable damage

Coating  of  jointing
Voegkleur veranderen, voegkleur te licht, voegkleur te donker, voeg coaten, tegelvast
Voegwerk badkamer veranderen, voegkleur veranderen, voegkleur aanpassen, voegkleur te licht, voegkleur te donker
Repair loose/hollow sounding tiles

Timely remedy of loose and hollow sounding tiles prevents breaks and cracks. By injecting the tiles we offer an

extremely durable solution. The loose or hollow tiles will be professionally repaired, resolved quickly and without

inconvenience with a special injection resin. Without chopping, breaking or demolition work.

How does it work? 

When the hollow sounding and/or loose tiles are determined and any stumbling blocks (such as missing

jointing) have been fixed, in the jointing of de relevant tile(s) we carefully drill a very small hole.

2-component injection resin is passed through this hole. The resin will be injected until the space under the tile is filled. 

After injecting, the small drilled holes will be restored. The floor can (carefully) be used again and be used 'normally' 

after just 3 hours. 

Call for help?

Would you like to have the work carried out professionally? RenoStone is the official application company for Tegelvast. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or a free quote. 

loose tiles, hollow-sounding tiles, injecting tiles


Edwin Koene

Tel: 06 - 42 77 01 95

Miqèl Koene

Tel: 06 - 30 85 30 95

Waterlelie 18

3648 NV Wilnis

Renostone works within the Netherlands, but also (far) beyond.
Do you want more information? Then feel free to contact us.

Let us know your wishes by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form.

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