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Call for help?

Would you like to have the work carried out professionally?

RenoStone is a renowned application company. Almost daily

We repair loose or hollow-sounding tiles with high-quality

injection resin. Whether it concerns a few tiles or larger ones

quantities. For both companies and private individuals.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information or a set

non-binding quote. You can contact us by telephone, email, app or

via the contact form. 

losliggende tegels herstellen

When inject?

Timely repair of loose tiles and hollow-sounding tiles prevents fractures and cracks. Do you hear a hollow sound when you walk on the tile? Is the grout coming loose? Do you feel that the tile has insufficient adhesion to the substrate? Then it is wise to have this injected in a timely manner.


We offer an extremely sustainable solution by injecting floor tiles. Loose or hollow tiles are resolved professionally, quickly and without inconvenience with a

powerful 2-component injection resin. Without cutting, breaking or demolition work.

How worktit? 

Once the hollow-sounding and/or loose tiles have been determined and any stumbling blocks (such as missing grout) have been resolved, a small hole is carefully drilled in the grout of the tile(s) in question. 

The 2-component injection resin is very skillfully injected under the tile through this drill hole until the space under the tile is filled. After injection, the tile is fixed again. Finally, the small drilled holes in the grout are filled 'in colour' and the floor can be walked on and used normally again after 3 hours. 

Edwin Koene Renostone


Injecteren losliggende tegels

Herstellen schade (o.a. blutsjes, boorgaten)

Specialistisch reinigen

Krasjes herstellen

Voegkleur herstellen/aanpassen

(Epoxy) voegsluier verwijderen / bouwreiniging

Tegels vervangen

RenoStone is a specialist in the treatment and restoration of natural stone and ceramics, with its showpiece a high problem-solving capacity through knowledge and experience.


Together with Faber Tile & Stone Care, manufacturer of very high-quality products from Italy, we take the possibilities a few steps further. Removing scratches and dull spots on ceramic tiles to polishing granite without grinding.


RenoStone is the official distributor and advice point for the Netherlands of Faber Tile & Stone Care products.

Krassen tegels





Specialistisch reinigen


Injecteren losliggende tegels

Samen met Faber Tile & Stone Care, fabrikant van zeer hoogwaardige producten uit Italië, gaan we een paar stappen verder in de mogelijkheden. Krassen en doffe plekken verwijderen op keramische tegels tot het polijsten van graniet zonder slijpen.


RenoStone is officieel distributeur en adviespunt voor Nederland van de Faber Tile & Stone Care producten.

Natuursteen opknappen

Let us know your wishes by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form.

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